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Roman Summer 2012 Castel Sant'Angelo

Roman Summer 2012 Castel Sant'Angelo

Events - From July 6 to September 9, Castel Sant'Angelo will be open for guided tours, concerts of classical music, jazz, pop and opera. Extraordinary opening of spaces which are usually closed to the public: Passetto, historical prisons.... »continue

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Love is all you need

Love is all you need

Nationality: Danimarca

Gender: Commedia

Duration: 1.52 h

Director: Susanne Bier

Vote of visitors: 6 6 6 6 6

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Area: Centro

Kitchen: Italian


Legend Pub

Area: San Lorenzo

Style: American

Last members to the community


Sex: Donna

Years: 75


Sex: Uomo

Years: 66

Rome soccer


Create a group to play soccer, calciotto, football 11. You can organize games, place votes and player statistics. You can create and keep track of all the matches, results and report cards to see your friends. You can also search for players and games in other groups if you can not reach sufficient numbers to play